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Hand Pull Rixo:
Rickshaws (or rickshas) are a mode of human-powered transport: a runner draws a two-wheeled cart, which has seats for one or two persons. Rickshaws were mainly used in Asia, but nowadays they are outlawed in many places and have been replaced by cycle rickshaws and auto rickshaws. The term ‘rickshaw’ is today commonly used for those vehicles as well, but this article deals exclusively with runner-pulled rickshaws. The word "rickshaw" originates from the Japanese word jinrikisha, which literally means "human-powered vehicle." Around 1880, rickshaws appeared in India, first in Simla and then, 20 years later, in Calcutta (now Kolkata). Here they were initially used by Chinese traders to transport goods; in 1914 the Chinese applied for permission to use rickshaws to transport passengers. Soon after, rickshaws appeared in many big cities in Southeast Asia; pulling a rickshaw was often the first job for peasants migrating to these cities. In China, rickshaws were banned after the Communist takeover in 1949 and presently in Kolkata, Government is planning to prohibit this age old transportation system.

Kolkata Walk Tours:
Kolkata has a treasure of heritage, heritage & culture. Exploring this 300 years old modern city on foot is an exciting experience. The Idea is to closely observe and learn about the culture, life and the distinct architectural heritage of Kolkata. We have put together a unique rage of walk tours covering the best of Kolkata which includes the Heritage Buildings of Dalhousie Square, Howrah Bridge to Flower Market, and walking down the College Street book market along with the lanes and by lanes of North Calcutta. You might also experience a small Tram Ride along with a hand pull Rixo Ride during your walk tour to have an in-depth idea of our society and culture.